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gypsy soul 2 points 5 months ago *

Scheduled to be released 09/25/2019

IkeTurnerEddieKane 1 points 2 months ago

Cobie Smulders and Michael Ealy make a great combination, i can see a steamy relationship brewing!!

mikeym -1 points 2 months ago

Predicable stuff, the usual female cop/PI who is a renegade. She’s ex-military so she can take down guys that outweigh her by 150 pounds…………….the usual car chase with cars flying through the air. It’s all been done before
It’s a typical ABC/NBC/CBS/FOX series

Betamax78 -6 points 24 days ago

Mindless drivel for slack-jawed drooling yokels obviously filmed in Vancouver with the cheap Canadian production vales and corny Canadian vibe . Why is all network TV still all garbage pandering to the lowest common denominator ? I guess only idiots still watch conventional TV ?

mcbumblehead 0 points 11 days ago *

Some make various comments on the internet espousing their opinions on matters of taste as superior and all-important. In the process they leave no legitimate room for doubt that this need to belittle others is due to an inherent realization of just how small they themselves are in their own mind. Thus the attempt to minimize others so one’s self need not feel so utterly minuscule in comparison. Alas, these actions do not ultimately assuage such feelings, as the individual in question continues to feel their own smallness deep in their heart and soul regardless. Tragedy.

Betamax78 -4 points 10 days ago *

Its not a matter of taste .This masturbatory pablum like most major network TV is objectively moronic and purposely made to appeal to the lowest common denominator . It uses focus groups and marketing teams to make sure it can keep the attention of illiterate uncultured gap-toothed bumpkins long enough to con them into watching fast-food commercials .Its not like BBC ,Cannel 5 or NRK that are in countries that the majority of citizens can read past a 4th grade level.Its for America

mcbumblehead 1 points 10 days ago

Sadly, though the previously mentioned realization of the person in question’s smallness is indeed inherent, it is at the same time on a subconscious level. As such, the individual is beyond reasonable attempts at higher-level reasoning, being already mentally and emotionally locked in to their coping strategy of attempting to lower others to their own subterranean level. This manifests itself in a “belief” system where the values of certain things that are by their very nature subjective - i.e. various forms of entertainment, in this case a television program - are espoused to be objective by the individual. Otherwise explained, this is an example of delusional reasoning. It is akin to believing that the amount of time in one minute is subjective simply because the passage of that unit of time can FEEL different depending on the activity in which one is engaging as any given minute passes, blind to objective reality that all minutes have a uniform number of 60 seconds. An individual who lacks the general capacity to differentiate between such objective and subjective ideas is, as mentioned above, at the same time beyond attempts at higher-level reasoning.

Ditzygypsy 1 points 11 days ago

You might be surprised at all the things that have been, and are, filmed in BC. Not just Vancouver. From Mission Impossible to The Man in the High Castle, and many, many other movies and series both with big and small budgets and names. The recent “The Bletchley Circle: San Francisco” was filmed here entirely using BC talent except for the two main characters who were from the first series. This show is filmed partly here and partly in Oregon, where it is supposed to take place, and some additional shots are done in L.A. This might not be the best show ever made, but it’s hardly the worst.