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RoboPhone 2 points 2 months ago

COMING SOON! Season 2 will drop with ALL 8 Episodes on Friday, November 1st.

Make Sure to Add This to Your Watch List.

In the meantime, you can Check Out Amazon’s Official Trailer HERE.

[deleted] 1 points 1 month ago *
septimas 1 points 1 year ago

The show would’ve been 20% better with 100% less of the romance subplot. It was also hard not to cringe every time the French female detective talked. Other than that, it was a medium-paced, compelling storyline.

[deleted] 1 points 1 month ago
tamerlane 1 points 27 days ago

Pretty nice. I hope they work in Clark and Chavez into future episodes.

Canuckian 0 points 1 month ago *

I thought the first season was GREAT although there were no subs for the Arabic speaking parts..felt like i was missing a great deal of the overall plot…either way, i loved it, loved all the Jack Ryan movies (1990’s The Hunt for Red October starring Sean Connery and Alec Baldwin played a young Jack Ryan is my fave though, and one of my all time favorite movies period..) John Krasinski simply blows me away…i am currently binge watching “The Office” for the first time so it is hard for me NOT to see his character from that show while watching Jack Ryan, but he pulls it off amazingly with the same bit of quirkiness his character from the Office had yet when he is serious, he is total bad-ass…that is some great acting in my books…anyways, just finished the first season, going on to the second now. Cheers!

Canuckian 0 points 1 month ago

Just binged both seasons over the last few days and this series absolutely blew me away…high suspense and drama, lots of great action and some top notch acting all around, ESPECIALLY from John Krasinski…he sure has shown his acting chops after his log stint as one of the main characters in “The Office”….very much looking forward to a third season!! The second season was especially poignant for me because i spent some time living in Venezuela in my late 20’s and a lot of what they showed in the second season was very true regarding how difficult life is down there though it is MUCH worse now of course..when i was there, Hugo Chavez was President and he was a complete Dictator…i remember sitting on a boardwalk cafe in Puerto La Cruz talking to a friend who grew up there and i was criticizing the President (something we take for granted here in Canada calle Freedom of Speech) and i was warned almost right away to NOT talk like that in public..that the stories of people going missing and being taken from their houses at night were REAL..especially if you are a foreigner…scary stuff. Hell, i had to drive through 2 Police/military checkpoints every time i had to go into the city (i was living in a small rural village called Playa Colorada) and i would constantly be harrassed the moment they saw i wasn’t Venezuelan…it was always “suggested” i pay a “fee” to pass through the checkpoint..(they think all “gringos” are “rich”)..one time they were having a BBQ out back the checkpoint…they brought me their propane tank and put it in the trunk and suggested i drive 30 minutes to a town called Santa Fe (the only place close enough that had a propane refilling station) and fill their tank for them..at my expense of course..and bring it back or I would have “issues” getting through that checkpoint then and in future…you don’t have much choice since you HAVE to go through that checkpoint anytime you need to go into Puerto La Cruz..ther was only one road leading there so no way around it…anyways, yeah…corruption is the norm down there, especially with the local police. Ok, story over lol…this is a GREAT show..WATCH IT lol

derekishere -3 points 1 month ago(Contains Spoilers)

Don’t have any free speech? Are not allowed to express it? Watch out, they will come to put a mute on you. They are always watching and listening to all your comments you make.

Betamax78 -4 points 9 days ago

this was like Dwayne Shrute playing in Micheal Scotts ‘threat Level Midnight”